Our Ventures

CarbonTP brings together a team of experts and partners with extensive experience in oil & gas, process industries, renewables, nature-based solutions, carbon capture and storage, infrastructure, software and finance.

We are developing a portfolio of projects and businesses in the following areas:

Putting the landholder first

Founded as part of the CarbonTP group, Carbon Farming Partners Pty Ltd is a carbon farming and technology company that specialises in developing and aggregating carbon farming projects throughout Australia.

We collaborate with landholders to develop land-based carbon offset generation projects on their landholdings. Our commercial structures align Carbon Farming Partners’ interests with the landholder’s objectives, maximising each project’s chances of success.

We work with methods approved by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) to help Australian farmers and landowners generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) from land-based carbon projects.  Our approach is agnostic to the CER method, provided it can deliver an economic return to the landholder.

CarbonTP’s corporate objective is to decarbonise the extractive industry sector primarily through emissions reductions, with the use of offsets for the harder to abate emissions.   Carbon Farming Partners is an important pillar of our strategy to achieve this objective.  We are also exploring the use of software and technology to improve the viability of carbon farming opportunities.

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Bringing Green Steel to Western Australia

Green Steel WA aims to bring steel manufacturing to Western Australia in an environmentally sustainable way. It is a part owned subsidiary of the Carbon TP group who have entered into a partnership between individuals with strong knowledge and capability in the steel making, renewable energy and project and program management sector.

The company was established in 2022 to develop a steel making facility in Western Australia taking advantage of WA’s vast renewable energy resources and emerging technologies in steel making.

A number of trends support Green Steel WA’s aim including decarbonization/reduced acceptability of existing carbon emissions, increasing availability of scrap steel (especially in countries that have urbanized with steady populations), rapidly reducing renewable energy costs, and emerging technologies that will compete.

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Carbon Capture & Storage

CarbonCQ is a specialist carbon capture and storage consultancy and project developer with a deep understanding of CCS and all the components that make up a project – from technical, commercial, subsurface to multiuser common use infrastructure and carbon aggregation.

CarbonCQ’s mission is to deliver CCS hubs that play a key role in the energy transition by enabling multiple users in hard-to-abate sectors to decarbonise. We believe that CCS has a critical role in carbon abatement and without it, net zero targets are not achievable.