Preparing for the Energy Transition

The race to net zero carbon is on, but the journey will be long and challenging – are you ready?

Get The Facts, Forget the Hype

The Energy Transition is a global project with hurdles to overcome and opportunities to seize.

CarbonTP’s experts have designed a training program to guide your team through the complexities in plain language and put you on a path to success.

Tailored to professionals from the energy, mining and industrial sectors, we can arm you with the knowledge to tackle the Energy Transition and separate fact from fiction.

One Day Training

Gather your team for a deep dive into the fundamentals of clean energy, decarbonisation and new technologies.

Our one-day training course will give you the overstory, empowering you to move forward and engage with the Energy Transition intelligently.

Build Your Course

Every organisation is unique, and so is the way we work.

CarbonTP can help you design a course that suits your business and industry, ensuring we hit the key points and deliver the most valuable content to your people.

The feedback from your session was overwhelmingly positive. The content presented was extremely
well prepared and relevant to energy topics that are now constantly changing across the world. The
content and presentation had the right mix of technical details while catering also to their commercial
angles and we definitely expect to continue with Carbon TP on more detailed energy expeditions.

CarbonTP recently delivered their energy transition training course to my team. The course catered to a range of knowledge levels and was comprehensive, covering all key aspect of the energy transition. As a result, my team found the course very valuable and came away from the course with a good understanding of the risks, opportunities and potential solutions associated with the energy transition.

Our thematic, the hydrogen economy and different potential usage of Hydrogen or derivatives, within the environment of decarbonization and renewables are themes, where the knowledge and experience of CarbonTP were very valuable to us.
Our group of particpants, all energy executives, found the results of the study , its presentation and the answers provided to our questions, extremely interesting , constructive, thoroughly Investigated and visionary.

You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Understanding the global energy system is a big job and we encourage you to bring along the questions you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask. Let’s break it down some frequently asked questions:

Based on previous Energy Transitions, we forecast that progress will be measured in decades and could take up to 100 years!

Our energy system is now an order of magnitude larger than when that last shift occurred, so there is a lot of work to do, to say the least.

Our energy system is now an order of magnitude larger than when that last shift occurred, so there is a lot of work to do, to say the least.

We base these on the four pillars of decarbonisation: efficiency, supply switching, mitigation and offsets.

Each source is an industry with competing pros and cons. There is no silver bullet, we repeat, there is no silver….

The hydrogen hopium is real, but there will be real-world applications for H2, just not where you might expect.

Pumped hydro, batteries, thermal, compressed air, liquid air, and hydrogen will all have a place, but we must assess each project on its own merits to find the right solution.

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