Having collaborated on various projects over the preceding decade, our team united to form CarbonTP in 2020.

We are oil and gas industry experts bringing together a diverse combination of skills – including engineering, financial, commercial, software and project management capabilities.

Our combination of technical, commercial and economic skills uniquely positions us to help guide oil and gas companies through the energy transition.

We share a desire to make a difference in reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, and to support energy intensive industries transition to a low emissions future.

Rob Minson    Dipl – Ing, B Eng (Hons), SPE, VDI

Managing Director

Rob is a German Certified Engineer with degrees in Mechatronic Engineering. He has lived in Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom working in the construction, midstream and upstream sectors of the oil and gas industry.

He advises in the areas of corporate strategy and planning, portfolio management and optimisation, reserves and resource evaluation, petroleum economics and field development planning.

His experience spans projects in CSG-LNG, Integrated Gas, and Conventional Onshore and Offshore oil and gas resource plays across the full E&P lifecycle.

Prior to co-founding CarbonTP, Rob worked for Aucerna (formerly Palantir Solutions) and consulted with energy companies in North America, EMEA and APAC.

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Rob Minson

Raj Aggarwal     B Eng, B Comm

Executive Director

Raj is an experienced commercial executive in the carbon offsets, renewable energy, broader infrastructure and natural resources sectors.

Prior to co-founding CarbonTP, Raj worked with government utilities and private sector proponents to develop renewable energy strategy and financing for large scale renewable energy technology projects.

Raj has also served as CFO of Select Carbon and led the sale of Select Carbon to Shell. He has a deep understanding of the offsets market, carbon abatement and procurement strategies for offsets.

His work spans Australia, Asia and the Middle East including companies with operations in Africa.

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Raj Aggarwal

Martin Lee     B Eng, B Econ, M RenSusEn

Executive Director

Our co-founder Martin has 30 years’ commercial experience in the international upstream oil and gas industry. In 2020 he completed a Masters in Renewable & Sustainable Energy at Murdoch University’s engineering faculty, building on his existing qualifications in Engineering and Economics.

He has extensive commercial experience in LNG, oil and gas exploration and development projects, M&A, business development and corporate strategy.

His strengths are in quickly focussing on the key parameters driving shareholder value in energy projects and business opportunities, and steering the process to maximise project and shareholder returns.

As a consultant, Martin has advised companies in Australia and the UK on asset evaluations, asset optimisation, field development planning, corporate strategy and planning, and commercial agreement structuring.

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Martin Lee

Mark Thomson     MA (Eng), MIMechE

Executive Director

Mark has 25 years’ combined experience in the oil and gas and consulting sectors.

Working for five years as an expert consultant within McKinsey and Company’s Petroleum Asset Excellence team, Mark implemented transformational change and operational efficiency programs for top tier clients in the oil gas and other industrial sectors.

During his time at McKinsey, Mark developed expertise around climate risk and industrial decarbonisation, having acquired a passion for it while collaborating on McKinsey’s sustainability practice.

Prior to McKinsey, Mark spent 20 years in management, operational and technical roles in both upstream and downstream oil and gas and chemical companies successfully managing the operations of high performing oil and gas assets.

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Mark Thomson

Robin Coombe    B Eng, MBA

Business Development Director

Robin has over 20 years’ commercial experience in the international upstream oil and gas industry.

He has commercial skills and knowledge across LNG, oil and gas exploration and development projects, M&A, business development, strategy development and corporate planning.

With industry experience in the West and East Coast gas markets, as well as in Asia, Robin can help companies create realistic carbon emission reduction targets, thereby reducing risk and improving shareholder valuations.

His business development work includes the preparation of proposals for energy projects in Australia and overseas, including conversion from diesel or LPG to domestic gas and renewables.

Robin Coombe

Deirdre Clyne    B Eng (Chem) Hons


Deirdre has 30 years’ experience in technical and commercial roles in the oil and gas industry.

Deirdre brings extensive experience in the commercial analysis of oil and gas exploration and development projects to CarbonTP. Her experience includes LNG, M&A valuations and international fiscal contracts for large operating companies as well as junior explorer/producers.

Her most recent role involved the development and negotiation of commercial agreements for a proposed offshore gas project, including product sales, third party processing, WA Domgas reservation and field regulatory compliance management.

Earlier in her career she spent ten years as a process engineer in facility design and operations, including five consulting to the UK North Sea oil industry.  Her key strength is her ability to combine her process engineering knowledge and commercial experience to understand and analyse a wide range of complex issues and to derive maximum value from commercial arrangements.

Deirdre Clyne

Reinoud Blok


Reinoud has over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. He held a range of technical, commercial, and financial management positions at Shell International, Woodside and INPEX before joining CarbonTP.

Reinoud’s core skills are in the development of large oil and gas projects, and in the management of climate related risk and energy transition.

Recently, in his role as Vice-President of the Technical Division at INPEX Australia, he was responsible for technical engineering, procurement, logistics, quality, subsea and brownfield projects, and renewable energy projects.

He also previously managed CCS studies for the Woodside Browse LNG project and the INPEX Ichthys LNG project.

Reinoud Blok

Anagh Kohli


Anagh has been commercialising and delivering innovative technologies in the resources industry for over 15 years.

He brings his significant, experience as Commercial Consultant to BHP’s Innovation and Ventures, to CarbonTP.

In his previous role, he was instrumental within a Low Emission Technology program to reduce emissions (using multiple techniques and technologies) by delivering partnerships with start-ups, other industry and non-industry players. The program’s model used intricate commercial constructs ranging from equity interest, funding, R&D, co-development, unincorporated JV’s and other risk reward sharing arrangements.

Anagh also has significant experience in commercial operations, including multiple drilling services campaigns across Australia Pacific for major oil and gas operators.

Anagh Kohli

Mark Pogson    BSc, MSc, PhD


Mark has over 30 years’ global upstream experience in technical and management roles and has been a consultant Petroleum Engineer for the last 20 years.

He has extensive experience in oil and gas field development, field appraisal, asset evaluation and reserves reporting. At CarbonTP he is the subsurface technical lead.

Mark has held senior technical and operations roles with British Gas, Mobil, Woodside Petroleum and Premier Oil and senior technical advisory roles with Alcoa and APA Group.

He has worked on projects in Europe, Asia Pacific region, Middle East, Africa and the USA.

Mark Pogson

Sandeep Sharma      B.Tech (Elec Eng), MSc (Sustainability), PhD


Sandeep has over 40 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, the last fifteen of which have been focused on carbon sequestration.

He is CarbonTP’s carbon capture and storage (CCS) technical advisor and key facilitator for discussions with stakeholders in the CCS industry.

Previously, he was the VP and Regional Manager, Australasia, for Schlumberger Carbon Services. He worked at Schlumberger from 1981-2013 across the globe and in a variety of senior positions in operations management, marketing and new product development.

Importantly, on secondment from Schlumberger to the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), he became the Program Manager of the Otway CCS Program and implemented Australia’s first CCS project in the Otway Basin from 2005-2010. He is also a member of the ISO Australian mirror committee for CCS and was involved in writing the ISO 27914 Standard for Geological Storage.

Sandeep Sharma

Dominique Van Gent    BA, Grad Dip Comm Sc, MA, MBA


Dominique has worked on regional development assisting the resources industry on major projects including the develop of industrial areas and infrastructure issues for over 30 years.

He has a deep understanding of the economic, cultural and business drivers of industry and brings years of community engagement experience to the task of exploration and characterisation of an onshore field.

Prior to joining CarbonTP, Dominique was the Coordinator of Carbon Strategy with the Department of Mines and Petroleum in Western Australia. He was responsible for the development and management South-West Hub project which characterised the potential of on-shore CO2 storage area in the Shire of Harvey in the South-West of Western Australia.

Dominique was also key to establishing the local content strategies that maximised opportunities for regional firms on the construction of the Collie power station.

He has a long-term interest in industrial development and is a former chair of the Small Business Centre in Bunbury, Western Australia.

Dominique Van Gent