Our Approach

CarbonTP is a dedicated energy transition consultancy founded to guide companies through the transition to a low-carbon future.

We use our combined expertise to help clients integrate carbon abatement, renewable power generation and carbon offset investments into established business planning and economics processes. This integrated approach is unique to CarbonTP.

Developed in conjunction with industry leaders, our Transition Pathways Approach [TPA] is a structured and repeatable process. We apply our unique TPA methodology to identify, model, analyse and prioritise decarbonisation initiatives across a client’s whole portfolio of existing and future assets.

Our goal is to ensure clients are armed with the data and insights required to make effective capital allocation decisions. This involves guiding investment and identifying opportunities to maximise value and minimise risk whilst delivering on emissions targets and meeting a range of other corporate constraints.

Questions we answer include:

  • How should clean energy be integrated into our business?
  • How does our company optimise capital allocation across the range of available projects to meet multiple competing corporate targets?
  • How does our company identify and rank a full range of potential abatement opportunities across the business?
  • What is the right balance between offsetting and abatement and how does our business develop or acquire offsets?
  • How does our business develop and communicate appropriate emissions targets?
  • How does our business transition to deliver on decarbonisation targets?